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Add a bit more sparkle to your shoes by selecting one of four colours of our Glitter Soles to make you stand out! Choose from; Gold Glitter, Silver Glitter or Black Glitter. Please note that Tan Sequin is no longer available.

To order these, you must select the size of your shoe and the heel that your shoe has in order to receive a sole material that fits.

How to apply: Firstly, you’ll need a strong-holding glue made for use on fabrics. Lay the soles face down on some old cardboard or covered surface and glue the bottom of the Glitter sole material. Take the sole material and place it on top of the existing sole material. The best place to start is half way, right underneath the heel where the shank is to ensure it all matches up with the edges properly. Then flatten the sole down the heel and down the arch of the foot and if required, trim the bottom part to ensure that the Glitter sole doesn’t cover the area to which the foot connects with the floor. To apply to shoes with a strap coming beneath the shoe, you will need to remove the strap before layering the new sole on top and then holes can be created by simply taking a knife and using the gap of the existing hole to cut open a hole through the Glitter layer.

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